Woodworking From the Scrap Pile, Book

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Believe it or not, one man’s trash is also that same man’s treasure, and this book will tell you all about it. If your scrap pile is getting a bit too large, this book will give you just the projects you need to knock it back down and be left with wonderfully creative objects for essentially nothing! This includes many useful items for your home, office and garden: wooden salad servers, a serving platter, deluxe meat tenderizer, letter rack, tool caddy, charming bird house, and more. Each project is explained in clear, straightforward terms, with step-by-step photos. Whatever your abilities, there are plenty of projects and ideas to help you turn little bits and pieces into beautiful accessories like those found in high-end specialty shops. Content: Introduction Part 1: Basics 1. Tools 2. Materials 3. Techniques 4. Serving Platter 5. Marble Game 6. Ring Box 7. Picture/Mirror Frame 8. Meat Tenderizer 9. Wedge End Box 10. Pasta Measurer 11. Salad Serving Forks 12. Desk Tidy 13. Pen Case/Necklace Box 14. Floating Shelves 15. Collectors Tray 16. Sliding Dovetail Lid Box 17. Japanese Work Trestle 18. Letter Rack 19. Recipe Book Holder 20. Bird Box 21. Garden Planter 22. Tool Caddy 23. Angle-Poise Lamp Suppliers Resources Glossary About the Author Index About the Author: Derek Jones began work as an apprentice to a cabinetmaker, learning the meticulous skills needed for fine furniture making. He later took on his own furniture commissions and is now the editor of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine and author of several books.

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