Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White
Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White7Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White6Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White5Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White4Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White3Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White2Reinegen Automatic Soap Dispenser - White1

Reinigen Automatic Soap Dispenser with Batteries – White

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Product Description

Experience A Designer Hand Wash
The Reinigen Automatic Soap Dispenser is a sleek, space-age appliance that is efficient and eye-catching. Windowed side slots show off the color of the soap, while the outside is made of easy-to-clean contoured hard plastic. Create a designer perfect look in your bathroom, kitchen or utility area with this New Age Soap Dispenser. Use your choice selection of liquid soap or use with a rugged super cleaner to cope with automotive grime and garden dirt.

Reinigen Infrared Technology Dosage Sensors generate a measured amount of soap that is factory calibrated with no wastage. Cleaning is easy – simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth. No more gummy sludge from soap bars to clean from the sinks or soap dishes. With a large capacity, refillable tank, you will spend less time restocking your clean-up area.

The Reinigen Automatic Soap Dispenser presents a convenient, pleasant way to enjoy hand washing. It has a great design, is easy to install and refill, and has a large capacity so it doesn’t have to be refilled very often, and can be stocked with whatever soap is the best for your situation, so it can fit into anyone’s busy lifestyle. It comes with a start-up set of batteries, so your first step will not be a fast run to the local department store when you unpack your soap dispenser.

The Reinigen Way To Enjoy Hand Washes:
– Great Looking, Avant Garde Design
– Easy To Install And Refill
– Large Capacity So It Doesn’t Have To Be Refilled Often
– Choose To Use With Any Soap You Want
– Start-Up Set Of Batteries Included
– Comes With A One Year Warranty

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