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Ginger Healing Detox Tea with Turmeric

There has been a lot in the news recently about the amazing healing properties of turmeric, a free-radical-busting antioxidant-rich curry spice that has been hailed as a shield against Alzheimer and both cancers. When we found this delectable recipe for a heating, detoxifying ginger-tea that was turmeric, we were thrilled. After the holidays, we figured we could use healing and some cleansing!

Then we were totally addicted, and sampled it: it’s yummy! Ginger and turmeric and maple syrup and citrus combine together to make the ideal blend of healing nutrients. We streamlined the recipe to allow it to be ultra-simple, too.


1/2 teaspoon powdered ginger

1 tbsp. maple syrup

Juice of 1/2 lemon

  1. Boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Form tea into a cup, add maple syrup and orange, stirring to combine. Consume at once.

Makes 1 serving.

Peachy Hot Green Tea Recipe

Consuming green tea may allow you to drop some weight. Based on clinical studies conducted by Dr. Abdul Dulloo, of the University of Geneva in Switzerland, green tea raises metabolic rates and increases fat oxidation. Green tea is additionally a great immune enhancer, health booster, and anti-cancer agent, with bioflavonoids and polyphenols presumed to inhibit tumor formation.

So here is our easy-to-make recipe for green-tea, however, that one tastes so great you’ll never think how great it’s for you! A wonderful, wholesome thirst-quencher for hot summer days.


6 green-tea teabags

6 cups water that is cold

2 ripe plums, sliced and pitted

  1. Steep for 6 minutes, adding sweetener (maple syrup, honey or Succanat are recommended). Allow tea to cool, then refrigerate until thoroughly cooled.
  2. Set teabags in pitcher or a big tea pot.
  3. Include a couple of mango pieces in every single glass and serve using a spoon. If you like, sprinkle with a sprig of peppermint.

Another alternative: Produce a pitcher of tea that is green and include the contents of a can of organic peaches that are sliced. Cool completely. Makes 6 servings.